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While she originally went to college for fine art, somewhere along the way Tracie Valentino was introduced to an embarrassingly early version of Photoshop (it may or may not have been 3.0), and her love affair with graphic design began. She spent the first 10 years of her career working at various publishing companies and design agencies; and in 2005, after months of working all day and freelancing at night, a strong desire for more sleep prompted her to launch traciedesigns. An award-winning graphic designer, Tracie’s work has been published in book such as Index Logos, The Best of Business Card Design, and Logolounge Master Library.

She lives in southwestern Connecticut with her husband, three daughters and Piper the Wonder Dog. When she’s not working she’s usually running, or reading about running; and she’s always looking for a great song to add to her running playlist—feel free to submit your suggestions here (you can also use this link to contact her about your design needs).